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Woot! only_seimei is BEST! She sent me a package with Little My (my icon) drawn on, and a CD and a Little My mousepad! Is that cool or what? (Also a card with some very pretty ornamentation. I covet her stamps and stickers.)

Still sleeping a lot. Still lame. It's hard to stay online for long; every time I think about making a comment in lj or reading something longer than a few paragraphs, my brain says "Tired now!" Grr.

So if I owe you a response or an answer or a weasel, please remind me, okay? It's not because I don't love you :)

The grad school class is as different from the undergrad ones as night from day. No grade, chairs in a circle, and a professor who talks like the sea turtles in "Finding Nemo" without the surferdude accent. "And you should all definitely come to one of our group retreats in the Santa Cruz mountains. A hundred acres with trails and waterfalls. All the buildings are yurts - now, it sounds primitive, but it's not. These are yurts with hardwood floors and skylights. We have a gourmet kitchen, a large yurt for drumming, full of cushions, an art barn, a sand tray room, a hot tub..."

So that's what they're doing with my tuition. :) It does sound like a lovely vacation place, doesn't it? And soooooooooooo Californian. Yurts!
*has fun saying "yurts!" for a bit*

It's funny. Not so long ago I would have hated this class. Hunched up and been horribly nervous and not wanted to talk about anything personal. But after two IMPACT classes it seems familiar and friendly. I've gone from quiet and withdrawn to becoming the class clown. How did that happen?? (Strangely enough, I blame Youji. Writing about him and seeing the world through his eyes showed me that being flamboyant deflects attention from you more effectively than skulking does.)

It's a very silly game, unlike FFX itself. Obviously aimed at young girls - it's like 'Jem and the Holograms' with Sailor Moon transformation sequences! All the sparklies! Magical outfit changes! No pesky logic to get in the way of the plot!

Favorite scenery characters so far: the trio of little old lady sphere hunters. "You call those fiends? I've coughed up scarier things than that!"

And there's a midget with a beaked mask who waddles around like a refugee from Wallace&Gromit. After watching his zany escape from pursuit (using both a scooter and a shoopuf), I wanted to shake someone and say, "It's the wrong trousers, Yuna!"

*sees blank stares* Magical outfit changes...wrong trousers...oh never mind.

Hugs to everyone, and sorry for being so out of it. Will come back some day, I promise.
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